Digital Transformation in Automotive

Martin Dubé
Global Senior Director, Manufacturing Practice, Digital Transformation Group

Creating a secure, connected technology platform to power today’s requirements and enable future innovation.
There is little doubt that digital tools and technologies have already begun to disrupt the Automotive sector, which is under pressure to keep pace with the rapid changes digitization has heralded, or risk being left behind.
The stakes are clearly high, but the risks and rewards are unevenly distributed.
In order to better understand the opportunity and accelerate digital transformation, Cisco co-founded the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. This collaboration resulted in the development of research-based roadmaps for digital transformation.
This insight allows Cisco to work with customers across the Automotive sector to understand the steps they can take on the factory floor and across the supply chain, to increase their rewards and decrease their risks.
Cisco outlines the digital business transformation process in clear terms, defining the journey that organizations must undertake to avoid disruption, realize the benefits of transformation, and extract the most value from digital technologies and business models.