GWM Intelligent Cockpit – Idea sharing and discussion

Xianghua QIAO
Vice President, Great Wall Motor Europe Region
Qiang Han
Product Localization Director, Wey Automobile Deutschland GmbH

As China’s largest seller of SUV and pick-up vehicles, Great Wall Motor Group (GWM) has established Research and Development (R&D) facilities in seven countries and taken the lead in the R&D of key technologies such as 5G, V2X and autopilot systems. The company is currently extending its business to the European market with plans to provide high-tech, low-carbon and efficient travel services. In the field of intelligent vehicles and autonomous driving, the company has developed revolutionary cockpit technology.

The Intelligent Cockpit has redefined the three core elements of intelligent vehicle technology: interaction, Artificial Intelligence and ecology. The Intelligent Cockpit creates a “user-centric” mobility space. Four dimensions shape the architecture and design of the travel space: The human-to-computer interaction design, a scalable arithmetic hub, GWM’s self-developed intelligent software and multiple smart application scenarios.

GWM’s intelligent driving platform, Coffee Intelligence, is highly efficient, provides fast iteration, is growable and sets a strong focus on passenger safety. With its multiple smart application scenarios, Coffee Intelligence provides the ideal mobile travel ecosystem. Users enjoy an intuitive and fun smart life experience with improved intelligent interaction technology.