Visteon Digital Transformation Roadmap - Elevating IT as Innovations Partner

Raman Mehta

Visteon is undergoing a transformation to become a technology company focused on cockpit electronics and the road to autonomous driving. Raman Mehta discusses a hands-on digital transformation journey with a three step process of being “Energized”, “Engaged” and “Innovative”. The session will cover how some of the foundational infrastructure improvements such as global network transformation is bringing Visteon closer to SDWAN by completely overhauling its legacy telecom structure.
How new AI tools can detect and self-heal problems in a way that couldn’t be done before. The end user devices will have self-healing capabilities to correct the most common issues. The system will anticipate and fix problems. This will have a significant impact on user productivity.
Raman gives a blueprint of how IT can be successful by speaking the language of the business. and become an innovation partner.  As a case study he will discuss how to enable collaboration on large compute intensive ADAS data using public cloud infrastructure where driving data from Autonomous Vehicles is moved just once but can be collaborated across the globe.